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Dripless? Absolutely! The flow of caulk stops when you stop. No thumb release, no buttons to push, no special way to click the handle. It’s simple and automatic. We introduced the first DRIPLESS caulk applicator in 1992.  Since then we have improved and perfected the engineering of our caulk guns, and expanded our line.

Dripless applicators are manufactured to exacting standards using only top quality components. All models have a 1 year warranty.

Of course, the ERGO/TECH guns are Dripless and have multiple patents covering their design and functionality

There’s a reason our return rate is much less than 1%! When you buy Dripless, you buy quality and consistent performance 24/7. The color yellow is our exclusive registered trademark. When you buy ‘the yellow’ gun you can be sure you have bought the best. If it’s not yellow it’s not

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