ETS3000 for concrete5.jpg
  • Optional Dripless® feature
  • 18:1 ratio
  • Engineered ergonomic construction
  • Rotating barrel
  • Rugged composite construction
  • Reinforced cage for extra strength
  • Sharp cutter & extra long clean out

  • Recommended for use with all caulks and construction adhesives including polyurethanes, as well as concrete, masonry and roofing sealants.
  • Turn the dripless option OFF when applying highly viscous products such as construction adhesives and polyurethanes. This will keep constant pressure on the cartridge for easier dispensing.
  • Turn the dripless option ON to apply products such as acrylic and silicone caulks to eliminate run-on and produce a smooth bead with a professional look.


I'm a window installer and this is the best caulking gun I have ever used. Lightweight, durable and runs great - beads without drip.

Jacob S., 2015

I like that I can turn dripless off when I am using construction adhesive and masonry sealant; but when I need to use regular painter's caulk, I just turn it back on and nothing gets on the floor.

Andrew B., 2015