Our Story

Caulking has always been a messy job. There was no easy way to set an applicator down on the jobsite without some of the product continuing to flow from the tip of the tube after use. Inevitably, sealant or adhesive would wind up where it was not supposed to be.

In the late 1980s, a painter from Northern California, Gary Finnegan, discovered a way of stopping the product run-on once he released the trigger of his caulking gun. Truly innovative, his new invention saved valuable time, energy and frustration. In fact, it totally eliminated the clean up required after use of an applicator.

iStock_000009753214_Medium.jpgDripless Inc. was established in 1991 when a San Francisco Bay Area marketing firm bought Gary’s unique patented tool. They, in turn, took the Dripless Caulk Gun nationwide, eventually expanding the line to over 20 models. It has been, and continues to be, quality innovation at its best.

Today we sell our patented line across North America as well as several countries around the world. Thanks to the creative genius of Gary Finnegan, and our dedicated staff,

Dripless enjoys a piece of the American dream as we continue to develop and introduce new, innovative, high-quality tools to our markets.