ETS1000 for concrete5.jpg
  • 10 oz. Contractor Compact Grip
  • Perfect for homeowners who do their own repairs
  • Compact grip size for the smaller hand - ideal for women
  • Recommended for acrylics, silicones, elastomerics and latex

This caulking gun is ideal for the person with a smaller hand. You will love it for the compact grip and lighter weight. It's just easier to use!


This is a lightweight caulk gun that seems perfect for even the smallest hands. It holds the typical size caulk or adhesive and requires little pressure to squeeze the trigger, so its great for those with arthritis. I like that there is no release on the plunger- that all you have to do is pull back on the rod since there is no ratcheting action.

Bill Rycraft, 2014

I bought this specifically because it sounded easy to use for someone with older, weaker hands like me. I am very pleased. My first repair job, I emptied two standard size caulk containers and my hands were fine.

Amazon customer "C289", 2013

Right out of the box you could see this was a well made tool. The bright yellow color makes it easy to see and find. The action is smooth, the push bar and piston do not give or bend, and the handle is comfortable to hold. Overall I would say this is a great product. I'll be using it for sure.

Raymond Gough,