SH111 for concrete5.jpg
  • 10 oz/310 ml Hex Rod "The Brute"
  • 11:1 Thrust Ratio for extra power with thicker materials
  • Recommended for acrylics, silicones, elastomerics and latex



This is our enhanced-power skeleton frame hex rod gun. It is substantial, and great for heavy duty jobs. If you delight in breaking tools, then maybe give this one a try. It will give you a run for your money, and if you do happen to break it, you can certainly take pride in your forearm strength!

I finally decided I was going to buy a caulk gun that should last my lifetime, and I think the SH111 is that gun. It's really sturdy. If you bend this handle, then I don't want to be on the receiving end of your handshake. It really doesn't drip- It's amazing! Smoothest operating caulk gun I've ever seen. Worth Every Penny.

Varner House, 2014