SH200 for concrete5.jpg
  • 10 oz Open-Frame Hex-Rod
  • Ladder hook
  • 10:1 Thrust ratio; strong enough for silicone, latex, acrylic caulks
  • Cut away front cap ring for easy tube loading
  • Compact design for the toolbox
  • Seal punch
  • Cutter

This is our other best-selling metal caulk gun: the skeleton frame tool. Contractors like it because it's compact and fits in the toolbox with room to spare. The rod does not rotate so it's always in the right position to start working.

I've owned this caulking gun for (maybe 20) many years. It makes caulking a breeze and releases pressure just enough to keep the caulk from oozing between applications. I'd buy another in a second if I ever needed a replacement.

John M., 2014

The best caulk gun I have ever used. It is worth every penny I paid.

Yong L., 2016

I'm strictly a weekend-warrior handyman, but this caulking gun is really something special. It's called a "Dripless" and I figured it was just the brand name, but when you release the trigger there is a spring-like action that releases the pressure instantly………DRIPLESS. Great idea!

Amazon customer "EzMon", 2015