DC600 - Dual Component

  • DC600 for concrete5.jpg22oz/600ml dual component
  • 26:1 thrust ratio
  • 1:1 or 2:1 tube configuration
  • Double steel gripper plates
  • Composite straps and braces
  • Aluminum handle
  • Steel push disks
  • Side-by-side rod design
  • Adjustable screw cuts thrust gaps

Is this the gun you're looking for? Measure the tubes on your dual component product, compare them to the diagram below and email us for our recommendation:

Dual component measurement image.JPG


Couldn't ask for anything better! Easy to use and built to last for years. I've been using this for work and I don't think I will be replacing it anytime soon.

James Jr., 2014

Best caulk gun I have ever owned. Quality is far above what can be seen in image and cost is far below the average. I also recently purchased their single tube applicator and can report the same quality.

Lance McGrew, 2014

This is an excellent product. This particular epoxy gun is unbelievably well made and a great value. In my opinion, you will not find a better dual epoxy gun for less than $100.00.

Amazon customer "Ross1", 2014