HR900 - High Ratio/High Performance

hr900 300 by 150.jpg
  • 29 oz. High Ratio specialty gun
  • 26:1 ratio
  • 360 degree rotary type carriage
  • Double steel gripper plates
  • Adjustable screw to cut thrust gaps
  • Built-in puncture tool
  • Metal push disc
This quart sized high ratio gun minimizes wear and tear on your wrists, fingers and forearms when gunning large tubes of high viscosity  product. This tool can help you minimize the cost and pain of carpel tunnel and similar injuries.

This is a fantastic caulk gun. Works so well I ordered the 11oz version too.

Christopher V. Brown, 2016

This is BY FAR the best caulking gun I have ever used. Very easy on your hand, solidly built, and it doesn't drip.

Ron Rathburn, 2015