CR200 Dripless Caulking Gun. Manufactured by Dripless Inc. caulking guns.
  • 10 oz Open-Frame Hex-Rod
  • Ladder hook
  • 10:1 Thrust ratio; strong enough for silicone, latex, acrylic caulks
  • Cut away front cap ring for easy tube loading
  • Compact design for the toolbox
  • Seal punch and Cutter
  • Now, we know that some of you prefer the ratchet rod. You know the one; it makes a very satisfying click when you release the trigger. While it's not necessary to move the rod forward for a tool to be Dripless, there's just something about that 'click' that makes you happy. Well, we want all of our customers to be happy, so we created this contractor model just for you "ratchet heads" out there.

    Its simply amazing how such a simple tool can be so different from other manufacturers. It is really pleasure to work with. No dripping when used with regular caulk.

    Oleg, E.

    Finally! A caulking gun that stops when you take your finger off of the trigger. This caulking gun is great.

    Amazon Customer