Giant Paint Spatula
Dripless Giant Paint Spatula. Manufactured by Dripless Inc. caulking guns.
  • Giant paint spatula
  • Comes with 14-inch handle
  • For use with 5 and 55 gallon containers
  • Paddle measures 6-inches by 4-1/2-inches
  • Molded "dog ears" reach under paint can rim to scrape out every last bit
  • Our Giant Paint Spatula (GPS90) is the preferred choice for professional painters and paint stores that see the value in recycling and reclaiming the paint left in 3 gallon and larger sizes of paint cans.
    The GPS blade is flexible yet strong, and the tips get up under the lid to finish the job.

    The handle is molded onto the blade for long life and easy use. The GPS90 is 20.5 inches long and the blade is 4.5 inches wide.


    Mini Spatulas
    MPS95 Dripless Mini Spatulas. Manufactured by Dripless Inc. caulking guns.
    Our Mini Spatulas (MPS95) are perfect for scraping the last little bit of paint out of paint cans up to 1 gallon in size. They fit on the end of a standard wood paint stick, so are very handy to store and use.

    The 4" x 2.5" curved blade has just the right amount of flexibility to scrape the sides and bottom of the can, and the little tips get under the can lid to extract the pesky paint that hides up there.

    You can find the mini-spat at fine paint stores nationwide, usually on the counter next to the paint sticks.